February 29

Chicken SHITtle: ISIS is Coming

Okay. I admit it. I am disgusted with myself. And, why am I disgusted with myself you may ask? Well—I went and done it again Ethel. Here I am, wasting my time again as I write about another high profile elitist/Technocrat fecal head who resides within the protective bubble of Silicon Valley who wishes to sprinkle his profound wisdom upon the heads of the lesser people of—you know—us—the Cafone’s of America.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Founder
Mark Zuckerberg

But, first, I want to go on ahead and extend to you a pre-apology for wasting your time as well, but this is a topic of low interest that I could not pass over in good conscience. Furthermore, I would consider doing so [ignoring the story] to be a great injustice, on my part, for not pointing out the screaming hypocrisy of an elitist little rich boy who feels that he and his family are somehow above the very principles and standards that he, and his fellow Technocratic A-holer’s wish to force the rest of the American lower caste system to live under. However, I must be fair and forthcoming with you about the only way that you can view the world as they do [meaning Zuckerberg and gang]. I have discovered that the only way that you can fully appreciate their line of thinking is to engage in their daily ritualistic practice that aids them in better understanding the world that operates outside their little fairyland by performing the same task that they do when they get up every morning. Are you game? Are you sure? You know—to put you in “their shoes” sort of thing. Well, I don’t know. Okay—I’ll tell you what to do so you can understand the world the way that Zuckerberg and gang do. First, remove you pants and then your underwear. Okay—next—bend you upper torso between your legs, hold your breath, and stick your head straight up you bunghole. I would think that it is a tight fit, not that I have ever tried to perform that task [I’ll pass], but if you have successfully performed that little maneuver that is also known as the “Zuckerberg Plug” then you can now see the world as Zuckerberg and his fellow elitist do. So let’s get going. Oh, and—there is one other thing for your safety. Uh—I would suggest that you don’t try to sit down because in doing some elitist have been known to pass out since their air supply is cut off from pressure that is placed on the chest, which prevents the diaphragm from functioning properly. So, just stand there with your head sticking up your ass and when you are ready—give me the thumbs up. There it is. Good. Here we go.

Our little fairy tale begins, not so long ago, in the distant land of Palo Alto California where the kingdom of Facebook resides, where we find our main character, Mark Zuckerberg, who can be found waking from a hard night of partying as he lies awake in his massive bedroom as he clicks on his IPhone and checks his Facebook account for any new post that might have been made as he dreamt of candy canes and unicorns as they all frolicked about in Rainbow land. Mark was seen wiping the sleep from his eyes as he clapped his hands together several times, which cut on the lights as he sat up in bed listening to his stomach growl hungrily. Mark yawned wide mouth, and stretched back, as he smacked his lips together several times after discovering that they had become disappointingly dry after a heavy night of downing several cases of $25,000 a bottle Champagne as he slid over to the edge of his bed where his butler plucked the lint from in between his toes with his teeth before slipping on his slippers as he rose to his feet. Mark let a hard cough, which forced a fart to accidentally expel as he walked toward the bathroom to relieve his bladder. Mark had a busy day planned—a day that had been on his to-do list for several weeks as he stood there urinating in his 24k solid gold toilet. Today was the day that he had to address a group of fellow leftist at a friend’s home in a brain storming session that was geared towards political activism. The meeting today was to listen to his gang of left-wing caviar farting “pisser and moaners” complain about gun’s being sold on Facebook and what to do to disarm the American people. Afterwards, Zuckerberg decided to attack the Second Amendment after discussing this move with his America hating left-wing loons by prohibiting gun sales on his social media site. Later, this anti-American action alone would prove to be NOT enough for god Zuckerberg. He chose to expand his prohibition of gun sales to include “safety related” accessories, which included gun vaults and safes. Zuckerberg was definitely flexing his muscle against the pro-gun subscribers on his Facebook social media platform.

ISIS terrorist preparing to behead captive

ISIS terrorist preparing to behead captive

In the all perfect kingdom of Facebook, god Zuckerberg bathed in the glory of his seemingly never ending power as the world danced around at his feet. Life was definitely good, or—so, he thought. During the course of normal business activity, Facebook decided to shut down a popular and successful recruitment tool that was used by the global terrorist organization known as ISIS by shutting down their accounts and the accounts of any of their supporters. So, how do you think this went over with these murderous scum? Not too good. ISIS’ response was to issue a call to murder Mark Zuckerberg, his employees and the owner of the social media site Twitter as well.

Okay, what would you do if you if you were a serf that lived in the kingdom of Facebook where gun ownership is prohibited and a death threat was made against you and your family by a hoard of murderous religious zealots? Well, you can’t say that you’d keep a firearm within arm’s reach at all times because you cannot own a firearm in the land of Facebook—remember? So, how do you protect yourself and your family from the extreme danger that these ISIS terrorist were known for. You don’t. You just hope for the best and if they do come for you or your loved ones—you just kneel before them, draw a dotted line on the back of your neck, and [whack] die. That is—unless—you are god Zuckerberg.

What you may not know about the billionaire anti-gunner god of Facebook is that although you and your family are trying to be disarmed by these Technocratic fecal heads like Zuckerberg, this turd is enjoying the protection of a sixteen member security force as he sashays out and about in public and especially while he is at home with his family. No worries here my friend.

In closing, this is how something like this usually works when it comes to anti-gunner elitists’ who enjoy the protection of armed bodyguards, or Secret Service protection while expecting the peasants of America to fall victim to the criminal class. What did I hope to achieve with this particular post? Nothing really. Well, actually I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy that comes from imbeciles like Zuckerberg and gang when it comes to trampling on the rights of American’s as they continue to live within the protection of their little Silicon bubble. I guess my real question is, “When are you going to wake up and teach these cretins a lesson by destroying their empire?” In other words, everyone join together, dump Facebook, and work on destroying everything that he has built. It’s high time for some competition. Click if you like—not.

February 14

A Dancing Monkey of the HollyWeird Troupe Speaks Out—Or, The Academy Award for Best Hypocrisy of a HollyWeird Fecal Head Goes to…


George Clooney

Ah—it’s election time again, and just like always, the crazies seem to come out of the wood work in droves. Yeah—there never seems to be any lacking in their numbers, which these cretins of the silver screen seem to multiply like—well, to be honest —like roaches with every new election cycle. And, with eight years of the closet Marxist Obama winding down it is no secret that they have become emboldened as their political flatulence can literally be seen escaping from their facial orifice without any special effects from George Lucas or Steven Spielberg and without any respect for the olfactory organ of those who are unlucky enough to be caught in the general vicinity of their blast radius and are inadvertently forced to have to deal with it at no fault of their own. But, I digress. Nonetheless, it appears that many of the popular dancing monkeys, you know—the publicly practicing members of the Champagne Socialist ilk—or maybe you know these silver screen degenerates better as the HollyWierdo’s, but regardless of what “designer label” you might know them by, these imbecilic fecalites again wish to vomit upon the clothes of American society their synthetically manufactured infinite elitist wisdom on the subject of sociopolitical science and their prescription for the rest of us, at least those of us who live in reality, to accept and live by as though it was the gospel from the mouth of Jesus Christ himself when it comes to sociopolitical issues that affect not only  America, but also the world. And, no, I am not talking about the popular leftist HollyWeirdo dancing monkey Matt Damon preaching to us that public education is the way to go while he sends his kids to a private school.

And, unfortunately for us,if we want to see a painful example of this HollyWeird torture fest we have to look no further than to one of the more vocal Champagne Socialist imbecile types of the bunch that is best known for his “Johnny come lately” to the wedding alter exploits and whose career rode on the skirt tales of his aunt, a well-known cabaret singer and actress back in the day, to his current position in the ranks of the elite HollyWeirdo troupe of dancing monkeys—George Clooney. While Georgie was while promoting Hail, Caesar! at the Berlin Film Festival recently in 2016, he eloquently [tongue in cheek] explained that “hate speech” frequently heard on the campaign trails in American presidential politics is just “extreme voices” that “don’t survive.” In an interview reported by Business Insider, Georgie commented:

I mean there are some extreme voices out there. I always have to caution people when they watch American politics that we go a little crazy during the political season and it’s a very long season. And the xenophobic, fascist sort of ‘no Muslims are going to come into the United States,’ that’s never going to happen, you know, that’s not going to happen in the United States.

That’s not who we are, that’s not who we have ever been, that’s not how this country was formed.

Clooney adds that these voices don’t represent America, “So you are going to hear some of these louder voices that are extreme, and a much smaller percentage of the country that always come up during these moments, but they don’t ever survive and we get past this.”

And, around about the same time as his Business Insider interview, Clooney was meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as he fawned over Merkel’s handling of the crisis and her acceptance of many migrants into her country. Germany has been RAVAGED by the influx of over one million Muslim refugees, which has led to a catastrophic rise in women reported being sexually assaulted and robbed by what witnesses described as groups of Middle Eastern-looking men with at least 90 women reporting assaults in Cologne, Germany’s fourth-largest city, on New Year’s Eve 2015.


As of 2016, at least until a divorce creeps in, Georgie Clooney has a net worth of an estimated $260 million, which makes him one of HollyWeird’s richest dancing monkeys. And, with this massive stockpile of wealth, which makes him one of the very 1% that he and his kind despise, I would have to ask Georgie a few questions. The question’s that I would ask little Georgie would be:

“Georgie: Which of your three sprawling mansions are you planning to donate to house the Syrian immigrants that you are fighting for?”


“Georgie: If you are NOT going to donate any of your mansions to your Muslim migrant cause will you step up to the plate up and purchase every one of the remaining used FEMA trailers that are left over from Hurricane Katrina, which can be purchased very cheap, and set them up on your estate grounds, and on your fellow HollyWeird actor friends’ estates throughout Beverly Hills and other highfalutin locations throughout the world? And, if NOT, then explain to me WHY you won’t?”

And lastly,

“Georgie: Why do you need $260 million in personal wealth, and three different massive mansions to live in? Will you sell all three, and move you and your wife into a back alley flophouse in Compton, and donate the proceeds from the sale of your mansions as well as at least $259,950,000 of your personal wealth to house the Muslim migrants in Beverly Hills—and, if NOT, then WHY?

I can’t help but to wonder just how many of these Muslim migrants did the Clooney’s swing by and pick up in their limo and take to the “red carpet,” or whatever the color of their celebrity carpet is over there, to promote his—uh—movie called Hail, Caesar while he was in Germany. I mean—after all, Georgie did state that he wished to meet a group of asylum seekers, “to talk about and ask what messages and what things we can do… to help.” But, again, if he was so devastated and brokenhearted about NOT being able to meet with some of these “asylum seekers” then why didn’t the Clooney’s cancel their meeting with Merkel, swing by a couple of the refugee camps and pick out a couple of the nastiest rapist among them and carry these poor creatures with them to their movie event in their pimped out limo? Answer us Georgia—why didn’t you put your money where your mouth is and pick up a couple of these criminals and pedophiles for your spot light rendezvous with the German paparazzi? What do you think his answers would be to the before mentioned questions? Well, let me remove ALL speculation because here is a roundabout answer of him addressing the Syrian Refugee problem.

Georgie's Italian Mansion

Georgie’s Italian Mansion

The Clooney’s aren’t any different from the other fraudulent Champagne Socialist when it comes to spending OTHER people’s money, or in telling OTHER people how they should act and think. That is as long as it does NOT hit them in THEIR pocket book or encroach upon their lifestyles. For example, the Clooney’s were considering selling their $100 million Lake Como villa mansion in Italy because their “privacy” was being encroached upon by the paparazzi. Well, in typical elitist fashion the HollyWeird couple had persuaded the town’s mayor to initiate an ordinance stated that anybody who disturbed the occupants of the main house or the adjacent Villa Margherita, which Clooney also owns, or set foot on the grounds without permission would be fined $600. This of course is while the citizens of Germany are being FORCED by their government into accepting and accommodating the insurgency of Muslim refugees who are wreaking havoc upon NOT only upon their privacy, but their safety and personal property. And, like most nauseating hypocrites of this caliber, Georgie doesn’t see any problem with his behavior because he has his radar dish sized head stuck so far up his own ass that the lack of oxygen has caused him to separate from reality. And, with him being a HollyWeird elitist, the same rules and expectations do not apply to him like they apply to us.

Oh—and, one last thing that I find a bit interesting about the Clooney type hypocrites from HollyWeird is how they view anyone else’s exercise of free speech as being “hate speech” when they themselves engage in the same so-called detestable action themselves. And, little Georgie isn’t any different. It appears that little Georgie got his panties in a wad when a reporter questioned his commitment to the refugee crisis affecting Germany and much of Europe during a Berlin Film Festival press conference for his new movie, “Hail, Caesar.” I guess someone needs to ask little Georgie why is he hating on reporters so much?

I actually gave this post a bit more attention than I really wanted to, but, alas, I couldn’t resist pointing out the hypocrisy of yet another HollyWeird ass wipe. I guess that I need to follow my own advice, which is “we all need to remember that these people, like George Clooney, are the dancing monkeys and you, the movie goer, are the organ grinder. You also have to remember that when you buy that $15 movie ticket you are actually cranking the handle of the organ that these monkey’s dance to, not that I watch any of his movies, or any of his fellow outspoken leftist and Socialist actors movies either. Remember, these people are nothing more than lowly actors, which if it wasn’t for our generosity, our pity, and our questionable desire to be entertained, these HollyWeirdo’s couldn’t survive in the real world without the handout from a hard working American. So, in closing, we all need to take what these imbeciles say with a grain of salt and remember that they all lack the intelligence for anyone of us to take serious. Also, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the fawning propagation by the presstitutes over these cretins because it is the job of the various competing entertainment bureaus of the media whore complex to sell these maroons to anyone with an IQ of over a negative 32 as being somehow legitimate and relevant in today’s world.
And, with having said all of that, I would vote to give George Clooney the Academy Award in 2016 for Best Actor because after I have read the stories about his dabbling in political and social issues, surely to Heaven no one can be that damn stupid in real life. Now—join me in a standing ovation. Kudos Georgie.

December 16

The 2016 GOP Debates: What Flavor of Tyranny Is of Your Liking—Full Flavored or Light? And, Why Trump is the Man to Elect.

th     Well—as autumn slowly came to a close, and the crispness of the change of seasons began performing its yearly ritual with its dropping temperatures, leave barren tree’s littering the landscape and the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping gearing up in all of its commercialized glory wonderment— all is great in the land of USA’ville as we head into yet another boorish Presidential election. I want you to forget about watching the mundane reruns of Frosty the Snowman, or the archaic stop motion animation of the puppet looking Little Drummer Boy or even taking a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims of Islamic terrorism in San Bernardino—the Media Whore Complex tells us that we have something even better to look forward to than any of these disgusting relics of Christianity such as their comedic productions of the Presidential Candidate Reality Show. And, much to our immense joy and great pleasure we do realize that this is an election year as we watch the establishment’s various political whores as they jostle among one another in one public spectacle after another while they desperately try to best the other establishment whore in their marketing of their best and improved lie to the hayseed rubes who decide to tune in and watch this exhibition of deceit unfold.

Throughout the past few months, I inadvertently sat back watching the Democratic Party candidates, one by one, as they slowly began making their excruciatingly slow crawl back to dwelling in the land of Centrist Center after having made themselves fully known to the public as being nothing more than a Marxist ideology driven political party— a party that had hid behind the cloak of “Progressivism” for several decades. And, for those who might not know what“Progressivism” truly is, it is a newspeak buzz word that simply means Marxism. I can’t help myself, but I have to admit that I am somewhat amazed at how slick the Democratic Party whores think they are as they turn slightly away from their anti-American plans long enough to to try and dupe even more voters into voting for them. Their departure to the land of Centrist Center did not require them to fully abandon their America hating ideology altogether, but rather it required them to temporarily shelve it long enough as they re-invented themselves to dupe the proverbial “working man” into casting their lots with them yet again. This isn’t something that they openly want to do especially after they had collectively decided to come out of the “closet” following closely behind their Marxist in Chief Barack “Insane” Obama after several decades of operating in the proverbial shadows. But, these cretins are smart enough to know that the American electorate has a short memory and if you dangle enough carrots out before them many of them will more than willingly take another bite.

However, I have noticed that there is one problem with this move on their part. I don’t think they thought far enough ahead to have planned on cleaning up the slime trail that they have left behind as they slithered on past their own dung heaps as they trekked on towards the land of political centrist, which actually is of no consequence since they will surely use the slime trails to guide themselves back to the far left quarters as so they don’t become lost during their political Taqiya. Their slime trail is a definite give away in my book that further exposes their true nature. Nonetheless, a fair share of their ignorant masses will gladly use their tongues to lick that slime trail up as they religiously buy into their load of dung just in time to go to the polls in 2016 to vote in favor of their favorite Marxist candidate of the Democratic Party. And, why wouldn’t they—shoot they have been licking the boots of their Democratic Party masters for decades—there’s nothing knew here. They enjoy their evolution from picking cotton to picking mailboxes [receiving welfare and Social Security] while residing in the slave quarters on the Democratic Party’s political plantation. Oh, and by the way, political correctness is not my forte and it is a tenet of Marxism that is not practiced here.

And, what about the so-called “refined” members of the American electorate—you know—the self-deluded members that identify with the Conservative movement or the Republican Party—the crowd that I once ran solidly with and still identify with to a much lesser degree. It is obvious to me how easy it is for WE the people of the “Right,” the religiously voting Tea Party minded Conservatives to point the proverbial finger of scorn at the well professed purveyors of the anti-Liberty, America hating Democratic Party without realizing that We have three more fingers pointing right back at—ourselves…Ah, that must hit home for many Kool-Aid drinkers of the Republican Party. But, I hate to be the one to tell you that the Kool-Aid that you gulp down in massive amounts despite knowing that it stains your lips and mouth while it slavers down upon your clean white shirt is the same Kool-Aid that comes from the same pitcher of Tyranny that the Democrat voters drink from. The only difference is you both drink from separate cups, but it’s still the same Kool-Aid from the same filthy pitcher. But, I digress.

And, what about The Political Whore Reality Show, or what is better known as the December 15, 2016 GOP Presidential debate? It was definitely a disgusting spectacle indeed—something that shamefully masqueraded as being a legitimate debate but, falling miserably short. Okay—So, where do I even begin? Hmmmm…Jeb Bush—well, lets see—uh—he is a Bush. And, I can see how he thinks, in his on little decrepit mind, that this name is enough to open the door to him taking the office of the President. However, to me, Jeb sounded more like a bumbling imbecile rather than a viable candidate. No, actually he reminded me a lot of the odd, sickly looking little kid that looks more at home on the school playground than a political stage. This is the same kid who desperately wanted to play with the bigger children, but was denied his place on the monkey bars after being outed as a serial bed wetter, or a reputed booger eater. This rejection undoubtedly fed his dismal outlook upon himself as he sat diddling in the dirt before the sneering taunts that came from the bigger kids who were mockingly swinging atop the monkey bars of political status. It was Jeb’s reference to Trumps use of one line zingers that really got me to laughing and drove this characterization home. I mean—what a complete moron I thought while I sat there listening to the ill-informed and obviously ignorant Jeb Bush attack Trump’s position on closing immigration to both the “NON-CITIZEN” Muslims and the hordes of criminal immigrants pouring through from south of the border and how he was misconstrued and twisted the facts in an obvious attempt to discredit Trump, but instead, Jeb Bush came off as the complete imbecile that he actually is.

And, why wouldn’t Bush, Cruz, Rubio and the other political whores that are beholden to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and big business not attack Trump for promising to shutdown the sources of their low wage, American worker displacing commodity? These liars and fraudsters of the Republican In Name Only Party, such as the deceptive majority of pseudo-conservatives in Congress, have NO actual interest in protecting American jobs nor in practicing fiscal responsibility. Are these not the same policies that they professed to combat and promised to change while they were out on the campaign trail if only the American sheeple would vote for them long enough to weasel their way into office before stabbing them in the back after they had been sworn into office? Sure it is. But, what’s even sadder than that is the fact that the American electorate will still vote for these gang of degenerates [Cruz, Rubio, Bush] as they stand in the unemployment lines after having just finished training their H1b replacement worker from Guatemala as they nibble on a slab of their government cheese that they just picked up at the welfare office while monotonously bemoaning about what has just happened to them. They cannot wait to get home and tune in to the next exciting episode of the Road to the Presidency Reality Show so they can send in their cash and lube up for their next screwing—Washington Mafioso style.

And, what of the National Security darlings, these pseudo-Constitutionalist—these carnival barkers of the 2016 GOP debate that profess out of one side of their mouth their intentions towards protecting liberty and their desire to prevent the continued trampling of the U.S. Constitution, while out of the other side of their mouth they vomit forth their support for the murder of the Constitution and the further enslaving the American people while operating deceitfully under the guise of protecting Liberty, the Constitution and the rule of law? What about them? Yeah—what about them. They aren’t worth the toilet paper that it would take to wipe them from your butt crack.

The entire political intentions of the 2016 GOP candidates, with the exception of Trump, Carson, and even Bush [because the three before mentioned candidates were NOT elected members of Congress therefore they had no authority or duty to invoke any legal remedy] can be summed up with their failure to come up with a plan to introduce articles of impeachment to remove Barack Hussein Obama from office for his continuous acts of high crimes and misdemeanors. The pathetic argument that they would probably have put forth stating that they did not have the votes to convict, or they feared a public outcry that could have led to riots is both invalid and traitorously weak. The members from both houses of Congress that did NOT choose to uphold their oaths of office and duties to protect the U.S. Constitution could have been removed from the process by simply filing ethics complaints against them and subsequently having them expelled from office actually using the laws that are in place. This legal course of action is outlined in the two ethics complaints that has been filed against 38 members of Congress for their dereliction of sworn duties concerning the $58 billion federal contractor tax evasion racket that affects Social Security.

So, without wasting any more of your valuable time by continuing to discuss these illegitimate and fraudulent bastard sons and daughters of political inequity it is for these before mentioned reasons why I am no longer chained to the political party of Domestic Enemy Incorporated—and its front group the four Washington Mafioso crime families.

It is time that we vote for an outsider, and, in my opinion, Donald Trump is that much needed breathe of fresh air. I know that I will have my fair share of detractors out there in the reading audience. You know—the usual consortium of party hacks, trolls, miscreants, and hard line party ideologues that will attack my position on supporting Trump without actually stopping to examine their own candidates before doing so. If their candidate will bend the truth a little now, is it not unreasonable to believe that they cannot be trusted not to bend the truth a lot once they are in office? And, who is going to remove them from office if they, too, break the law and violate the U.S. Constitution much like President Obama has done throughout his entire reign? Their fellow Washington Mafioso members? C’mon—really?

Trump may have his faults, we all do, but at least he is NOT a made member of the Washington Mafioso crime families, and—he HAS worked for a living, unlike many of the others who currently hold political office. This alone makes Trump worthy of your consideration.

October 19

Match Made in Hell: Morris Dees’ Escalation of the War on God in America




On October 18, 2015, the remnants of the overthrown government of the United States announced a new partner in their war on God and the freedom of speech in America. Despot Obama’s Department of Justice announced a partnership with the anti-American, anti-God leftist hate organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center that was founded and currently ran by the hate hustler Morris Dees. Dees and his domestic enemy organization has been tasked to focus on and provide the overthrown federal government with intelligence who the despotic Obama administration and the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center deems as being “extremist.”

The extremist that these cretins who were spawned straight from the very sewers of Hell label as domestic terrorist threats should alarm EVERY liberty loving American because on their list are “libertarians, conservatives and constitutionalists. These identified patriotic individuals are labeled as militia-inspired “domestic extremists” and yet even further characterized as enemies of the state by the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. And, now that these two police state apparatuses have joined forces in an unholy association with Dees’ domestic enemy organization, which Dees’ organization can easily be likened to some cheap spin-off of a quasi-police state snitch organization reeking of the stench of Himmler from Nazi Germany, this union should concern everyone because everyone outside of the godless left has the potential of being identified as an enemy of the state-including the pulpits of the Christian church.


As with any of the wanna-be despot’s of decades past, the head of the Obama crime family faction of the Washington Mafioso, Barack Hussein Obama, isn’t any different than other tyrants and dime store dictators. As with any corrupt political regime whether it be the overthrown government of the United States or some third world banana republic they always are in need an organization to help them identify the enemies of the regime. These traitorous groups are the ones that get their hands dirty because the cowards in the political offices know that if the public knew that they were DIRECTLY involved in this treasonous act their political careers would be shorter than they already are. This is where the disgusting Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center comes into play.

Morris Dees pompously and deceptively champions himself and his demonically inspired front group as the protectors of liberty and freedom in America. Nothing could be further from the truth. Morris Dees and his Satanic ideology driven front group is diametrically opposed to every value of freedom that America holds dear to especially a Christian who professes and spreads the very word of the one and only true living God.


Morris Dees and his demonically controlled SPLC’s own extremism is so dangerous that the FBI, Defense Department, and U.S. Army have all backed away from using the group as a reliable source, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council said, because they recognize that this “reckless labeling was a few rounds away from ending the lives of dozens of Christians.”

Leo Hohmann of World Net Daily writes about the dangerous domestic enemy group of Morris Dees. He writes: “Get the Whistleblower Magazine’s revelations about the SPLC, in its March 2015 edition of “The Hate Racket,” the complete story of how one group fools government into equating Christians and conservatives with Klansmen and Nazis – and rakes in millions doing it. Perkins said that for three years, his organization has called on the SPLC to stop targeting Christian conservative organizations and individuals.

“And despite the suffering and near casualties at FRC, SPLC refuses,” Perkins wrote. “Obviously, the DOJ sees no problem with putting countless Americans at risk simply for participating in the political process and advocating for public policy consistent with their orthodox Christian beliefs.” The SPLC has been paid more than $150 million in the past 20 years from advising law enforcement on conservative and libertarian “extremism. As we have seen in recent years the transition of America away from adhering to Biblical principles and the will of God, it is only a matter of time before preaching the word of God will be silenced in the pulpits across America. With the recognizing of homosexual marriage by the demon possessed and anti-American Supreme Court it only stands to reason that anyone speaking out against homosexuals and their disgusting lifestyle will be labeled as a hate group.

Does this sound too far-fetched for you to believe? Especially here in post-Constitution America. Then you are deceiving yourself my friend because all you have to do, if you can stomach it, is to visit the website of Satan incarnate himself [the Southern Poverty Law Center] and click on their hate map and see how any organization that opposes the Somdomite movement in America [the LGBT, or radical homosexual movement] such as the American Family Association, which is a United States non-profit organization that promotes fundamentalist Christian values, opposes same-sex marriage, pornography, and abortion can be listed as a hate group by Morris Dees. This labeling by the left wing Marxist leaning organization of Dees [they are Marxist leaning because of their position on “economic justice”] opens up every church house in America to be labeled as a hate organization thus silencing the pulpits in their teaching of God’s position on the act’s of sin.

To further illustrate the ratcheting up attacks on Christians in America, in a brazen display of hate and anti-Americanism, the Marxist front group of Morris Dees labeled Dr. Ben Carson, a leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination running second only to Donald Trump in the polls, an “extremist” because of his views on marriage, Obamacare and Second Amendment rights. Again, this could and will eventually happen to any Christian in America who speaks out against the anti-God agenda that is sweeping across America if Obama’s godless government has any say in the matter.

Brothers and Sisters, it is time for all God fearing Christians in America to rise up against the forces of Satan or face political extermination at the hands of the wanna-be despots and their sewer spawned minions of hell. Furthermore, it is my humble opinion that any tax payer money that is given to Morris Dees and his anti-American organization should fundamentally be enough to charge the government officials with treason against the Constitution. And, unless the Christians in America are awakened from their stupor their own demise will come at their own hands. The only solution is to litigate the Southern Poverty Law Center out of existence and financially destroy them for the anti-American hate group that they truly are following the same blueprint that they used for destroying the United Klans of America in U.S. District Court in Mobile for $10 million despite on pages 84-85 of his 1991 autobiography, A Season for Justice*, SPLC founder Morris Dees brags about accepting $5,000 dollars from the Montgomery chapter of the Ku Klux Klan to represent one of their members in federal court. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it should be easy considering that Christian’s have the almighty God on their side and with him fighting for us this little piss ant organization does not stand a chance in hell from which it was born from.

Coming Fall 2015

Coming Fall 2015

Just in case you don’t think that if ALL Christians got in behind a movement to financially destroy and eradicate the Southern Poverty Law Center and the career of the hate hustler, Morris Dees, from America is EASILY possible with the help of God, look at what power that a mere handful of those in secular America had after they spoke out against Morris Dees and his domestic enemy organization, The Southern Poverty Law Center, who withdrew and apologized for their labeling of Dr. Ben Carson as a member of a hate organization. An apology is not enough. We have to litigate them out of existence and bankrupt Morris Dees and his minions once and for all. IT CAN BE DONE BECAUSE WE HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE!

The war on God in not only the world, but here in America is VERY real my dear friend. I write about this war on God in a books three and four of the Domestic Enemy, Inc. book series, which due out in the Fall 2015. So, you need to ask yourself where do you stand brethren? With God, or with abject silence and  Satan.

January 15

Government Corruption, Ethic’s Complaints, Federal Contractor Fraud, Mo Brooks and his Fellow Mafioso Member’s $58 Billion War on Working Families and Social Security


Congressman Mo Brooks (R) AL-5th

Huntsville, U.S. Congressman, Mo Brooks, a low level street soldier belonging to the Washington Mafioso Boehner crime family has successfully deceived the voters of Alabama’s 5th Congressional District by continuing to demonstrate his unwavering criminal support of massive wage theft and employment tax evasion by his campaign donors–his federal contractor pimp’s while claiming to be a conservative and a law supporting elected official to his ill-informed constituents.

The evidence of Mo Brooks who has since preferred to be called by his Washington Mafioso crime family nickname of “The Window Dresser” due to his beliefs that the Congress’ duties of providing oversight to the Executive Branch is nothing more than mere ceremonial “window dressing” can be further expounded upon by Dave Jamieson. Dave Jamieson of the Huffington Post writes that in an amendment, proposed for the commerce, justice and science appropriations bill language was proposed that would have denied taxpayer money to firms with documented wage violations while under government contract.  Congressman Mo “The Window Dresser” Brooks voted along Republican Party lines to protect his federal contractor campaign contributors instead of the working families in not only his district, but working families throughout America.


Mo Brooks is well aware of the massive wage theft situation and even commented that there was nothing that he nor Congress could do to stop it…I believe the term he used was that the oversight function that is prescribed as a duty of the U.S. Congress in the U.S. Constitution is nothing more than “window dressing.” But, ask yourself the following question: How is it that he (Mo Brooks) can muster the courage to vote in favor in protecting his corporate and federal contractor pimps interest in stealing from the middle class and the United states government while violating the established code of ethics, violating his oath of office, violating the U.S. Constitution and being party to violating several federal criminal statutes.


Congressman Mo Brooks’ covert war on Alabama’s workers comes despite his misplaced, yet still overwhelming support by the local Tea Party Directors Chad Capps and Christie Cardin who claim that Mo Brooks is “fiscally responsible.” Although I identify with the Tea Party movement, it still never ceases to amaze me that the leaders of the Tea Party movement support a candidate that they are allegedly diametrically opposed to. According to the Huntsville Tea Party website, Christie Cardin states that the Huntsville Tea Party keeps as its focus those that fall under four foundational principles:

Fiscal Responsibility
Limited Constitutional Government
Individual Rights
The Free Market

Although Congressman Mo Brooks, along with his fellow mafioso comrades U.S Senator’s Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions fail to meet three out of the four foundational principles of the Huntsville Tea Party,  yet Christie Cardin and the Huntsville Tea Party still supports these three individuals that are anything but committed to fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and individual rights. This has become the problem that the Tea Party movement now faces, which is casting its lot with the “lesser” of two evils. The leader’s of the Huntsville Tea Party movement became well aware of this war on Alabama workers that began with the 5th District’s former Washington Mafioso member, Parker Griffith, yet still refuse to rise up against and



Nancy Pelosi

The question that remains to be asked is “how does this so-called war on America’s working families affect you?” It Impacts you both directly and severely and here’s why. If you  expect to receive, or are receiving, Social Security benefits, or ever hope to, then this vote in favor of protecting employer’s and federal contractors that engage in wage theft has an impact on the funding of the Social Security Trust Fund. The SSI Trust Fund is funded from employment taxes that are collected on wages. The employer and the employee both share an equal amount of the “employment tax”  burden that are collected on the wages that are paid to the employee. If the employee is having his wages stolen–yes, stolen by his employer, then, in turn, the federal government is being cheated out of tax revenue that is supposedly to be used to pay for SSI related benefits. To better understand this click here.


John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy

John Boehner

Although the Social Security Trust Fund is expected to be bankrupt by 2058, tax revenue is still needed to help absorb the shortfalls that SSI is facing and to continue funding current payments to beneficiaries. According to several GAO reports beginning in 1995 until most recently the huge cost that is associated with this widespread criminal activity is $58 billion. Despite Congress holding hearings during their routine episodes of kabuki theatre on this criminal enterprise racket, they refuse to put a stop to it and allow their campaign contributors (Big business and Federal Contractors) to continue fleecing the American taxpayer. Considering that under President Obama the national debt has grown to over $18 trillion, $58 billion seems miniscule in comparison. However, when you consider the fact that the Democratic Party and even the Republican Party, to a lesser extent, lie to the American people about their interest in protecting something that in reality does not exist, meaning SSI, one cannot help but to wonder when is it that the American worker is going to wake up and rebel against this massive criminal enterprise of the Washington Mafioso that is known as their Domestic Enemy, Inc. criminal syndicate?


Due to the massive criminal fraud and financial cost to the American taxpayer over this employment tax evasion/wage theft racket of federal contractors I filed two separate Ethic’s complaints with the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in late December 2014, which were delivered before the end of 2014. My ethics complaints detailed the criminal involvement of the 39 U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressmen in the massive $58 billion fraud that involves the FBI, the DOJ, the Department of Labor, the IRS and the White House, which called for their removal from office. The actions of Mo Brooks, Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby and the other members of Congress for their involvement in the $58 billion employment tax evasion/wage theft that involved the federal contractor United Parcel Service are criminal in nature (explained in detail here) and the grounds for their expulsion from Congress as warranted by the United States Constitution.

I encourage you to e-mail and write to Congressman Mo Brooks and demand that he explains his participation in this crime against the United States government, the U.S. Constitution and the American worker and middle class people.

I will keep you informed as this matter unfolds.

If you would like to learn more about the Washington Mafioso and the wage theft/employment tax evasion scam visit my website at www.upsgate.com


January 26

Is America Doomed: The Armchair Patriots and the Unorganized Liberty Movement on Facebook

armchair patriotI am sure to upset a lot of my fellow citizens with this post, but I am afraid that it is a post that must be written with a heavy heart and reluctant spirit. I am rather new to the social media world and what it has to offer to the activist types that are seeking justice in a world that appears to be irreversibly corrupt. Am I speaking of “social justice,” or any of the other Marxist inspired movements? No, of course not. What I am speaking of is the Tea Party type movement’s, and so forth, which I readily identify with and I am a part of.

The Problem

protesters-react-to-gov-scott-walkers-r-wis-appearance-monday-the-republican-governor-has-said-hesThere is no question that America is under siege from the radical Marxist in the White House, the criminal Washington Mafioso members in government (yes it is a criminal mafia organization), and the malcontents who are out in the streets being driven to rage by either the race pimps or those behind the scenes who are pulling the strings for other nefarious reasons. If you doubt this assessment then you are either ill informed, in denial, or just a plain fool. Yes, you have the useful idiot’s and the fellow travelers of the Marxist/Progressive Left, but you also have armchair patriots of the Right and Middle. The only difference is that the Leftist are organized and out in the streets protesting while the armchair patriots are sitting in their EZ Boy chairs, in relative comfort and jumping from different groups on Facebook pissing and moaning about the current state of our government, unorganized and just spinning their wheels and wasting their time. Harsh words? Maybe so, but it is the truth.

Tax Day Tea PartyI have joined many patriot/Tea Party/liberty type groups during my short lifetime on Facebook. I currently belong to some groups that have 20,000 plus members, but can only get a dozen or so to engage in a post, which is truly pathetic in terms of what should be happening. Why is this? Is it because these people are truly not committed to the movement and realize the true nature of the crisis that we face as a free people? Are these people only members because it is the happening thing to do right now? I remember when I attended the first Tea Party Rally in Huntsville, Alabama and the ages of the attendees were from about 6 years old to well over 80. The first turn out was staggering, but then as all movements come to face, the attendance began to decline each time a rally was held.

ppg campaignI find this lack of commitment disconcerting for many reasons. I know that people realize what is at stake in today’s political climate, but I am amazed at the people’s inaction and lack of organized direction. As a former trained Teamster union organizer I know both the power of the organized masses as well as the defeat from a lack of organized commitment from the masses. I have worked on organizing campaigns that had experienced both ends of the organizing spectrum. The power of the people is great and unstoppable provided that power is tapped, harnessed and focused in the right direction. And, in order to achieve this maxim we must ALL be on the same page and united under ONE banner. Remember, there are more of us (Patriots) than there are of them (Marxist malcontents).

The Solution

So, what is the solution to this cancerous problem on the body of liberty. The answer is simple. BECOME COMMITTED. That commitment has several different faces, which anyone can choose how they will become committed to saving out country. At a minimum everyone MUST unite under one banner and set up autonomous groups depending on the location throughout the country such as chapters with appointed leaders at first and then elected one’s as the movement gains ground and becomes established. Rather than having hundred’s of splinter groups jockeying for members there needs to be one master organization that has the mission statement, directives, organizational structure and uniformity. Am I saying for everyone to abandon their current multi-group affiliations? No, because some people are in control of those groups and in some cases have become drunk on that perceived power or are pursuing their OWN agenda whatever that may be.

Those people in power (government) know that there is no organization amongst the liberty minded populace. All they have to do is infiltrate the groups, read the post and see the infighting amongst everyone and the rampant lack of organization that plague many of the groups that I belong to. Next, become directly involved. Obviously you have a computer or you wouldn’t be reading this post. Why can’t you e-mail a congressman or a media outlet to protest an event or some identified objective that has been sent down fro the organization? You don’t have time to , or you just don’t want to? Whatever the reason for you not wanting to get involved just know that it isn’t acceptable any longer because the clock is ticking down on the America that we know and love.

I’ve discussed this problem with many of my fellow brothers and sisters and they all agree on this solution, but have little hope in  the American people having the gumption to do what is required. If the Marxist can organize 1,000 people to protest  a policy then we should be able to organize 10,000 to do the same thing. We are at that proverbial crossroads and time is running out on trying to right what is so wrong. Some naysayers will claim that the media is against us and what’s the use. There is a solution for that problem as well because as consumer WE hold the power to hold the media accountable. If a newspaper fails to acknowledge and event or produces distortion and lies the you have 1,000 people show up at that newspaper’s office and protest them in front of the community, but again, this falls back on being organized and dedicated in seeing this through.

The time has come for you to choose. Do you want to continue to be an unorganized armchair patriot pissing and moaning about the way things are while watching America burn to the ground, or do you want to take America back from the criminals in government (on both sides of the aisle) and to hold them accountable. The power is there and so is your choice. If this is something that you want to see come to fruition then email me at upsgate@yahoo.com and we will begin organizing and setting the structure up to take America back. If not, then you better hurry up and log off because Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is ready to come back on.

January 25

Trey Gowdy: Thirty-Two Days and Counting. Is this a silent reply from a Crony Capitalist?

trey gowdy_2 It’s been 32 days since U.S. Congressman and high profile member of the U.S. House of  Representatives Committee on Oversight Government Reform, Trey Gowdy, received his copy of the 63 page ethics complaint that was filed against House Speaker John Boehner, Darrell Issa, Nancy Pelosi, George Miller and Mo Brooks for their involvement in the $58 billion federal contractor employment tax evasion/wage theft racket. As of today, January 18, 2015, I have yet to receive a response from his office.

2008 GAO to useAnd, before any of my detractors get cranked up spewing forth their frothing uneducated defense of Congressman Gowdy, it is his duty to investigate once he has been made known to him that corruption on a massive scale has taken place involving not only his fellow Congressmen, but fraud against the United States government. I must say though that he was the one Congressman that I supported 100% and believed in to get to the bottom of this fraud.

Trey Gowdy was always in the forefront, the firebrand voice of justice that stood out amongst his fellow Congressmen who were found to be conveniently impotent and AWOL when it came time to stand for justice and the rights of those who had been wronged by the Washington Mafioso members in OUR government. Congressman Gowdy could be routinely seen on TV getting in the faces of the IRS and other corrupt government bureaucrats in his various committee appointments. Was his outrage legit or just another episode of Congressional Kabuki theatre?

180a55eaaa02512c22b098ead8eea620But, the $58 billion question still remains. What will he do about this massive fraud that has been pointed out in at least five General Accounting Office (GAO) reports since 1997 before numerous congressional committee’s now that it has been brought to his attention? Will Congressman Gowdy prove to be the same firebrand seeker of justice or will he prove to be just another run of the mill corporatist that bows down to lick the boots of his campaign benefactors. Is he a man of principle, one of the utmost integrity, or is he a person who picks and chooses his battles in order to garner the most publicity for self serving purposes? I like to think he is a man of strong ethics and character and not the latter. But, then again, in the recent abandoning of the conservative principles that many of the new freshmen Congressmen  ran on during their 2014 campaigns I would not be surprised.

oversight home pageIn a bit of strange irony, on the homepage of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform their page has the inscription that state to “blow the whistle on fraud and abuse.” I think that the biggest fraud is that this Committee is a fraud and abuse of the American Taxpayers money because they don’t do crap. I can say this because one of the Congressmen that is named in the 63 page ethics complaint, Darrell Issa, has produced a video that is on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform website that denounces the very thing that this criminal hypocrite is involved in.  Congressman Trey Gowdy sits on the powerful House Committee on oversight and Government Reform who’s mission statement is as follows:

We exist to secure two fundamental principles. First, Americans have a right to know that the money Washington takes from them is well spent. And second, Americans deserve an efficient, effective government that works for them. Our duty on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee is to protect these rights.

Our solemn responsibility is to hold government accountable to taxpayers, because taxpayers have a right to know what they get from their government. We will work tirelessly, in partnership with citizen-watchdogs, to deliver the facts to the American people and bring genuine reform to the federal bureaucracy.

This is the mission of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

In a massive fraud that is costing the Social Security Trust Fund billions of dollars in funding that is derived from employment taxes levied on wages will he do his duty and initiate the means for removing House Speaker John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Darrell Issa, George Miller from office for their involvement in violating numerous federal statutes and cheating the American government out of revenue? You have to remember that Darrell Issa is on the same House Oversight Committee that Trey Gowdy is on. Will he go against his fellow member?  Trey Gowdy’s televised and well known outrage over the abuses of the IRS against ordinary American citizens the question is whether he will have the same outrage against the IRS’s failure on this crime as he did the other? Only time will tell. Did I mention time? Yeah, it has now been 33 days since Trey Gowdy received the ethics complaint…we shall see.

I encourage those of you who are expecting to keep getting Social Security or expect to some day receive it to contact Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office and demand that he investigate this crime, or face a similar complaint as the others.

For more information on this massive crime (federal criminal statutes violated) and the involvement of 38 U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators visit the UPSgate website.